Book cover of Undividing: Returning to Oneness for the First Time

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“so you know the heart of the universe as your own and find yourself at one: undivided”

Book cover of Undividing: Returning to Oneness for the First Time
Back cover of Undividing: Returning to Oneness for the First Time

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Why do we experience suffering? Such essential questions persistently surface within us, and they point to the deepest realization of who and what we are. Undividing is an adventurous and grounding movement through the complexity of our world and into that beating heart of existence, the joy of awakening consciousness.

With vital clarity, Conor Detwiler guides you through the evolution of consciousness on our planet, contextualizing the challenges we see across the globe today. Delve into the spiritual awakening we are all pressed to find as you are accompanied through the disturbance and confusion that such a fundamental paradigm shift often entails. You’ll discover what it means to live as a conscious being in a physical world and step into the explosively blissful interplay of form and formlessness, matter and spirit, at the center of the universe and yourself.

Undividing is a concise blueprint for liberation from the greatest questions and conflicts of our world into the simple light of the awareness we’ve always been.

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Undividing is an essential read to navigate our planet and our future. It offers guidance in a world of uncertainty, leading us to finally begin to contemplate our role and reach a deeper level of consciousness.”

Nicole Fernandez-Viña

Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“From its beautiful cover to the gradual unfolding of its meditations about our lives, it’s especially rewarding to read at this moment in history. I hope you will be as inspired and moved by it as I was.”

Barbara Timmons

Writer, Salem, MA

“A wonderful book for those seeking at a time when we must look within. So incredibly affirming to read!”

Sally Meehan

Actor, New York, NY

“If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or untethered, Undividing is a beautiful book that helps on the journey inward to find clarity, connection and consciousness.”

Misha Chakrabarti

Life Coach, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“An awesome blueprint for humanity. It really helped me feel good.”

Andrew McCall

IT Support Lead, Somerville, MA

“Each chapter is thought-provoking and comforting at the same time. This is one of those books where you read a chapter and then go off to marinate in it for a while. It seeps into your mind if you allow it to and adds a perspective that could enhance our ideas of what living means to each of us.”

Shona Keir

Visual Artist, New York, NY

Undividing expresses a tranquility, vulnerability, authenticity, and transparency that we need so urgently in our world.”

Marisol Martinez

Montessori Teacher, Scituate, MA

Undividing reads so easily that it hums! Conor strikes a beautiful balance between the philosophical and a deeply personal account of his own journey to knowing so we can locate ourselves in a bigger whole. So good!”

Jimmy Juste

Education Consultant

“Articulate, straightforward and authentic, Undividing is an excellent handbook for today’s emerging world.”

Vicki Thomas Poppe

Quincy, MA

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“With quiet attention, we come to perceive an infinite and senseless depth in the natural world that takes us into it, and more easily into ourselves. In the space of our own silence nature comes alive, flowering for and within us. Thousands of variegated shades of feeling come to our attention, swirling in eddies around cold rocks and pressing through verdant leaves as a crisp and dampened breeze.” – The Play of Consciousness, Undividing

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