Come into space and presence.

Whatever dissatisfaction, stress or difficulty you’re experiencing, there’s a healthy way out of it. Many of us have learned to accept “the human condition,” that life is always somewhat dissatisfying. But it’s not ultimately true. The reason we are not satisfied is because there is more within us to be discovered.

There is a simple but profound shift in perspective that happens when we disengage from the mind and enter a state of presence. When we connect to the being that we are, behind any mental or emotional state, there’s some spaciousness we likely didn’t realize was there. Beyond the reframing of thoughts or identity, beyond self-esteem and shifting self-perception, is a simple state of free awareness. It’s such a funny thing to try to put into words, but it’s the real aim of meditation, and of our human search for meaning.

But perhaps such description doesn’t make much sense, or sounds like lofty theory. The only way to fully understand this shift to being, to presence, is to experience it yourself. Learn this shift to presence and, even in the imperfect reality of living, find release and resolution through a continual return to being.


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